Family Dentistry


Family dentistry includes teeth cleanings, filling and crowns to name a few of the procedures we offer in our office.

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Dental Implants

We place and restore dental implants in our office. This way you don't have to go elsewhere to get them placed.

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Six Month Smiles

Ever wanted straighter teeth? Well now its only 6 months away with Six Month Smiles.

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DaVinci Dental Spa is the first of its kind in Northeast Indiana.  Our team of highly-skilled professionals are experienced in both dental health and cosmetic dentistry.  At DaVinci Dental Spa, you will receive the quality dentistry and five-star service that you deserve.

We chose the name DaVinci Dental Spa because of the similarities between our team and Leonardo DaVinci himself.

Leonardo DaVinci was a perfectionist. His personal standard of excellence, as well as his incredible work ethic and artistic talent are why he was so fervently sought after.

We take pride in the high quality of work we provide; work that is a result of each individual team member's high personal and ethical standards.  At DaVinci Denal Spa, it is a requirement for employment that each team member possess these qualities.

As a result you can be certain that each person in our office is giving you their absolute personal and professional best.

To see before and after pictures of the services we've provided to our patients, please feel free to visit our Smile Gallery.

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